Maya Promotion Inc. is an advertising agency that primarily engages in the following businesses:

  • Planning, production, and distribution of online advertisements
  • Strategic planning and operational support for social media marketing
  • Planning, production, and management of events and promotions
  • Advertising effectiveness measurement, analysis, and reporting
  • Marketing research and customer analysis

In particular, Maya Promotion Inc. specializes in advertisements and promotions targeting younger and female demographics. They provide optimal marketing strategies tailored to clients’ business goals, using a perspective sensitive to the latest trends and fashions.

In addition, since February 2023, they have transferred their online community division to Bon Voyage Inc. and have been focusing on expanding their business by acquiring new businesses and assets.

Maya Promotion Inc., major clients to date:

Shiseido Maquillage Foundation, makeup base PR
Sanofi (pharmaceutical company) PR contract
Coafit (beauty device) exclusive affiliate contract
Fit Me Ordermade (custom-made clothing salon) annual ambassador contract
Cambly English conversation annual ambassador contract/ PR video appearance
PR/consulting annual contract for a dentist for children and women
Pure Beauty Ebisu (cosmetic dermatology) PR/consulting annual contract
Wove Clinic (cosmetic dermatology) PR/consulting annual contract
Nina Farm Japan digital marketing exclusive consulting
Taisho Pharmaceutical Alfe (supplement) marketing contract
Fancl basic cosmetics marketing contract
Brijal (Moissanite) jewelry affiliate contract
Among others.